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Explore the exquisite Palace of the Winds and the fascinating City Palace in Jaipur.

Travelaholics lists hotels, hostels and B&Bs in Jaipur, India by suburb:

Bani Park Hotels, Hostels and B&Bs
Chomun Park Hotels, Hostels and B&Bs
Gopal Bari Hotels, Hostels and B&Bs
Hathroi Hotels, Hostels and B&Bs
Jalupura Hotels, Hostels and B&Bs
Mansarovar Hotels, Hostels and B&Bs
Vidhyaniketan Hotels, Hostels and B&Bs


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Authentic experience: Thai cuisine and traditional Thai dance live performance! Travelaholics lists B&Bs in Bangkok, Thailand by suburb:

Banglam Phoo B&Bs
Chana Songkhram B&Bs
Din Daeng Khwaeng B&Bs
Dusit Khwaeng B&Bs
Klong Toei Khwaeng B&Bs
Pom Prap B&Bs
Satorn Khwaeng B&Bs
Si Lom B&Bs
Si Phraya B&Bs
Surawong B&Bs
Talat Noi B&Bs
Talat Yot B&Bs
Wang Burapha Phirom B&Bs
Wang Mai B&Bs
Wang Thonglang Khwaeng B&Bs
Wat Sam Phraya B&Bs
Watthana Khwaeng B&Bs

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Discover Lima in South America. Travelaholics lists B&Bs in Lima, Peru by suburb. Here is a list of the suburbs and bed and breakfasts in Lima:

Aurora B&Bs
Brena B&Bs
Carmen de la Legua
Chacra Rios B&Bs
Jesus Maria B&Bs
Los Sauces B&Bs
San Borja Norte B&Bs
Santa Beatre B&Bs
Santa Cruz B&Bs

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You can find B&Bs in Rome, Italy listed by suburb in Travelaholics. Here is a list of suburbs and bed and breakfasts in Rome:

Aurelio B&Bs
Borgata Ottavia B&Bs
Campo Marzio B&Bs
Giardinetti B&Bs
Monte Sacro B&Bs
Monte Sacro Alto B&Bs
Ostiense B&Bs
Pinciano B&Bs
Portuense B&Bs
Trastevere B&Bs

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Here are the top 10 B&B’s in Canada. ¬†Find more information and make reservations on travelaholics.com

1: 100% Greystone Manor Bed and Breakfast, Niagara Falls
2: 98% Alexandre Logan (1870), Montreal
3: 96% Repos & Manna B & B, Montreal
4: 96% Always Inn, Niagara Falls
5: 94% Fox Hollow B and B, Prince George
6: 94% House on McGill, Toronto
7: 94% The Grateful Bed & Breakfast, Prince George
8: 93% The Urban Hideaway Guesthouse, Vancouver
9: 93% Pillsbury Guest House, Prince Rupert
10: 93% Kamloops Guesthouse, Kamloops

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